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Russell Ablewhite

This is my cupboard.

In here you may find bits of me.

The Wyrdmasters

Book One:

The Crone, the Mother,
  the Maid and
  the Whore

The Wyrdmasters is a sequential series of novels in the fantasy genre.

There are elements of mythology, history, low fantasy,

urban, suburban and eventually, sci fantasy,

a whiff of magic, a bruise of adventure,

a slash of horror, a wriggle of sex,

a sprinkling of dark comedy,

a fog of mystery,

and blood.

The Wyrdmasters is a new fantasy book serial.
Book two: Sage With Everything has been captured is is now writhing on the slab under the pen.
The Wyrdmasters is about a sorcerer who tries to achieve immortality.

Gods don't like this sort of thing. Neither do his victims.

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There is a whole website devoted to this stuff over there, really.

                    A new comedy opera with tunes. And blood.....

"Is it over there or are we over here?"