Russell Ablewhite


I have been one of those singers who experienced problems in my technique due to my own ignorance in the early stages and shoddy teaching.

But I have also persevered and sorted out those problems, continuing to improve as a singer into my fifties.

One could say I know as much about what not to do as what to do.

If feel my current vocal health is due to the teachings of Michael Trimble.

In the last five years, while living in Oslo, I have been studying at the Michael Trimble Institute based in Seattle.

I have travelled to the US to study with Michael Trimble in person.

The techniques Michael has passed on from his own studies at the Metropolitan Opera where he studied in the 60's with singers such as Mario Del Monaco, Lauritz Melchior and Helge Rosewaenger, which enable the singer to connect the breath effectively with the voice to produce a strong, supported sound without force, has profoundly affected my own singing. 

It is this method of singing that I would aspire to pass to willing students.

Please contact me if you are serious about your singing and would like to have some lessons.